18: Resonating with Familiarity

Star Trek: Secret Voyage.

The Original Series—or at least the late 23rd century—tends to be the focal point of today's fan productions; but that doesn't mean Kirk and Spock must always take the lead. There was a gap between the end of the five-year mission and the refit of the Enterprise as we saw it in The Motion Picture. What happened during that time?

Star Trek: Secret Voyage, a creation of Craig Sheeler, is the story of a special mission carried out aboard the historic 1701 but under the command of a different captain with a different crew. In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Craig to learn more about the series, various aspects of production—including creating visual effects, composing original music that’s true to TOS, shooting in the desert, the premise behind the first two episodes, and more.


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Craig's Star Trek Background (1:39)

The Premise of Secret Voyage (5:59)

Overview of Episode 1 and the New Crew (9:11)

Episode 2: “Rise of the Gongdea” (14:24)

Shooting In the Nevada Desert (18:48)

Creating the Visual FX (21:57)

The Music and Sound of Secret Voyage (27:32)

Casting Secret Voyage (31:50)

What's Next for the Captain Mercer and His Crew? (35:26)

Where to Watch and Find Out More (38:38)

Closing and Feedback (42:35)

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