21: By the Hand of Gertrude

The Red Shirt Diaries.

Everyone knows that, in the 23rd century, if your name is called for away mission duty you don't want to be wearing red. Many unfortunate crewmen lost their lives while donning the crimson threads. But there were a lot of other people aboard the Enterprise who managed to survive the five-year mission despite their attire. What was life like for these men and women?

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Ashley Robinson and Jason Inman to talk about their new web series, The Red Shirt Diaries, which aims to answer that question through the eyes of one Ensign Williams. We discuss how the series came to be, how it was shot, favorite moments from production, why it's important to check each and every Home Depot carefully, and what we can expect to find when we peer into the private life of the Ensign in Red.


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Ashley and Jason's Star Trek Background (2:43)

Acting, Writing, Producing, and Directing (7:32)

Genesis of The Red Shirt Diaries (11:37)

The Format of the Series (14:40)

Getting Naked and Up Close (21:15)

Production and Budget (22:36)

Favorite Moments (34:57)

Cast and Crew (38:32)

Future Plans for The Red Shirt Diaries (40:51)

Find Out More and Watch the Series (45:39)

Closing (47:32)

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