Chronicle: A Star Trek Audio Adventure.

David McDowell Blue is an actor, writer, and director. Since graduating from the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York, he has played such iconic roles as Jacques in As You LIke It, Stephen Undershaft in Major Barbara, the fool in King Lear, Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Goldberg in The Birthday Party, among others. His directing credits include Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw, The Public Eye by Peter Shaffer, his own edit of William Shakespeare’s Richard III, and, most recently, the original Masoch and DeSade by Omen Kaine. He was born in San Francisco but raised in Florida, ending up in Los Angeles where he is a well-known theatre reviewer. Now Blue is about to launch Chronicle, a Star Trek audio adventure set about four years after the events set in Star Trek: Nemesis.

In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson is joined by David McDowell Blue to talk about Chronicle and learn more about this Star Trek audio adventure, including how it was conceived and who are the personnel behind the production.

Intro (00:00:00)
Meet David McDowell Blue (00:04:05)
Starting Out (00:05:06)
What Does Star Trek Mean to You? (00:10:45)
Gliding Into Chronicle (00:15:05)
The Visionary Class (00:19:45)
Incidental Things (00:25:15)
Why Did She Kill Him? (00:29:55)
The Cast (00:34:50)
Is It Classic Star Trek? (00:40:05)
There Are Four Genders (00:44:04)
Three Acts (00:50:10)
Get Excited (00:54:47)
Closing (01:01:23)

Tony Robinson

David McDowell Blue

Tony Robinson (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer)

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22: I’ll Do It If You Add More Tyranny

Shadows of Tyranny.

The Mirror Universe, despite being visited only eight times on screen—with most of those on Deep Space Nine—is a fan favorite. The classic episode "Mirror, Mirror" has been hard to top in terms of sheer fun and intrigue, but TOS never told us what happened once Mirror Kirk returned to the ISS Enterprise. That story has been left for novelists and screenwriters to pick up on the fan side, and many have done so with fascinating takes on the Terran Empire. But while the story has been told before, there are always new ideas to be explored.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Mathieu Blondin and Sebastian Prooth to learn more about their upcoming audio drama, Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny, which picks up where "Mirror, Mirror" left off as it tells the story of how Spock goes on to lead the Empire.


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The Genesis of Shadows of Shadows of Tyranny (4:09)

What Makes a Story a Star Trek Story? (9:36)

The Premise of Shadows of Tyranny (17:16)

An Open Canvas (31:37)

Casting Shadows of Tyranny (35:41)

Release Plans and Finding Out More (41:15)

Closing (47:40)

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19: I Play a California Surfer Dude Engineer Ranger

Voicing Audio Dramas with Michael Liebmann.

The genesis of stories, the ins and outs of scriptwriting, and the art of pulling all the pieces together is fascinating, but the voice actors themselves are the ones who bring the words of a Star Trek audio drama to life. In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Michael Liebmann, who has appeared in nearly 30 Star Trek and non-Trek audio dramas, to learn about the process from the voice actors' perspective. Michael has appeared in Star Trek: Grissom, Valkyrie, Ranger, Defiant, Outpost, and many more, and we find out how his love of Star Trek led to these roles as well as some advice for those who want to take on roles of their own.


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Michael's Star Trek Background (1:28)

How Michael Got Into Voice Acting (6:12)

Star Trek Audio Drama Roll Call (10:40)

Advice on Breaking Into Audio Dramas (29:50)

What's Next for Michael? (33:48)

Closing and Feedback (41:52)

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8: H. P. Lovecraft In Space

The Continuing Mission: Cathedral In the Void.

When it comes to fan series, most people think of television. But not everyone takes this approach to storytelling. Audio dramas are another popular way that fans continue the missions of Starfleet. And without visuals to fall back on, bringing Star Trek to life through sound alone can be challenging.

One group that is doing it well is Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, a series that follows the adventures of the USS Montana. After a three-year hiatus, Star Trek: The Continuing Mission released their eighth episode, "Cathedral in the Void," an HP Lovecraft-inspired story that finds unspeakable creations in the farthest reaches of the final frontier.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by three members of the TCM team, Director Patrick McCray, Producer Sebastian Prooth, and Sound Designer Mathieu Blondin to learn more about the genesis of the series and the episode, how they create an audio drama from start to finish, and where The Continuing Mission is headed in the future.


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Meet the CTM Crew (4:16)

The Genesis of The Continuing Mission (13:33)

The Creative Process (25:30)

Inspiration for Cathedral (34:28)

The Future of Continuing Mission (38:56)

Find Out More (45:50)

Closing (53:03)

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