20: Giant Green Lazy Susan

Video Production with Tommy Kraft.

Watching and listening to independent Star Trek productions is always fun and insightful as we take a trip into the minds of fans and see the franchise through their eyes. But it isn't just the finished product that we love. The process of creating them is fascinating as well. Advancements in camera technology, computer workstations, and editing software have put power previously only available to Hollywood studios into the hands of anyone with the vision and motivation to bring Star Trek to life. In this episode of Continuing Mission we jump into the visual realm of production as we're joined by Tommy Kraft, creator of the Enterprise-era film Star Trek: Horizon, to talk about shooting and processing video, working with green screens, creating visual effects, building virtual sets, and more.


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Cameras and Capturing Footage (1:48)

Software, Techniques, and Tools (10:20)

Working with Green Screens (16:55)

Tasks and Time (25:46)

Most Challenging Aspects of Post Production (33:03)

Find Out More About Horizon (35:47)

Closing (37:31)

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