16: Breaking Out Into Dance with Dr. McKennah

Michele Specht on Dr. Elise McKennah.

One of the biggest is independent series around is Star Trek Continues. The first three episodes have recaptured the look, the feel, and the spirit of the original Star Trek with incredible authenticity. But in the process of recreating the 1960s television icon, Star Trek Continues hasn't shied away from addressing some of the gaps in TOS.

For many, one of the most noticeable missing links in TOS is the gender balance amongst the Enterprise crew. Star Trek Continues has addressed this by bringing aboard a new character, Dr. Elise McKennah, played by Michele Specht, who joins Uhura as a female voice on the show. Additionally, Dr. McKennah brings a TNG element to the 23rd century in the form of ship's counselor. While this may ruffle the feathers of some purists, the results more than speak for themselves.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Michele to talk about McKennah, how she approaches the role of a character that, unlike her those played by her castmates, is unknown to fans, and get a few behind-the-scenes tidbits. We also discuss her training in music and theatre, her voice work for anime, and her comedy background.


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Music, Theatre, Anime (2:07)

Growing Up with Star Trek: The Next Generation (9:09)

Counseling the TOS Crew (11:40)

Favorite McKennah Episode (20:01)

Behind the Scene with Dr. McKennah (25:00)

What's Next for Michele? (34:19)

Closing (39:15)

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