14: A Star Trek Obsession

Obsessed: Star Trek Continues and the Mirror Universe.

Star Trek Continues recently released their third episode "Fairest of Them All," which is a direct follow-up to the Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror." It tells the story of what happened when the mirror landing party returned to the ISS Enterprise. The attention to detail in set design, costumes, lighting, and even framing of shots is so meticulous that it is easy to forget that you're watching something shot in 2014, not 1967.

While the onscreen story is intriguing, what is equally fascinating is everything that happened offscreen to make "Fairest of Them All" possible. As fans watching from home, it isn't easy to get a feel for what goes into making an episode like this. But thanks to Condé Nast Entertainment and WIRED, now you can.

Obsessed: Star Trek Continues is a five-part behind-the-scenes look at our return to the Mirror Universe. In this episode of Continuing Mission we're by Captain Kirk himself, Vic Mignogna, along with director James Kerwin and, from Condé Nast, Michael Prenez-Isbell for a first-hand account of the documentary project, the creation of the Mirror Universe story, impressions of the set, and why Star Trek is an obsession for the cast and crew of STC.


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Boarding the Enterprise (2:58)

Sets and Direction (9:49)

Obsessed Fans on Set (15:33)

A Childhood Dream (17:46)

Help from the TARDIS (26:20)

Condé Nast and Obsession (28:32)

A Mirror Collaboration (34:48)

The Drexler Connection (37:13)

What's Next? (40:54)

Closing (44:56)

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