11: Old-School Filmmaking

Star Trek: Ambush.

Through Enterprise we learned a great deal about the events of the 22nd century, but the one-hundred-year gap between the end of Enterprise and the start of The Original Series remains largely a mystery. A new short film entitled Star Trek: Ambush aims to fill in some of those gaps. Ambush will introduce a new ship and a new crew whose existence is well known to the Federation, but something that would best be kept secret. Set just after the events of "Balance of Terror," the story focuses on a single away mission to rescue a captured Commander and how the Federation ultimately dealt with the Romulans, after the incident involving Kirk and the Enterprise. In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by Greg Lock, the producer of Ambush, to learn more about the project.


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Meeting Greg (1:55)

The Genesis of Ambush (8:37)

Working with Miniatures (14:46)

Scouting Locations (21:10)

Bridging ENT and TOS (22:05)

Cast and Crew (27:05)

Kickstarter Success (30:11)

Find Out More (35:59)

Closing (38:37)

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